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I thought it might be a good idea to start posting some of the great feedback I get about The Best Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe. Many people are offering some alternatives in the recipe you may want to try.

I encourage you to share your thoughts about the cake with other website visitors. If you want, send me pictures or YouTube videos of your cake.

If you think you have a chocolate cake recipe that's a contender for the Best Moist Chocolate Cake Recipe and would like to share it with others online, please send it to me.

  • "I made this yesterday and it was absolutely wonderful... I did add 1 cup of very hot coffee instead of the boiling water. Made a chocolate- peanut butter icing with your white icing base . Definitely the best one I have ever made." Colleen M.
  • "This is by far the best chocolate cake I have ever tasted. I made it for someone at work who had a birthday, and loves chocolate cake. Needless to say, it didn't last very long!
    Is there any way I can make this into a German Chocolate cake? There is another birthday in a few days, and I want to be sure the cake I make is as moist as the other one. Thank you, Sandy"

    Follow up:
    "I just wanted to let you know that I decided to take a chance and alter your recipe to try to make a German Chocolate Cake. I omitted the Hershey's cocoa, and added German Sweet Chocolate instead. I melted the chocolate in the boiling water before adding it to the rest of the ingredients. It was excellent! Sandy"
    Note: Sandy used one package if German Sweet Chocolate. She was unsure if it was an 8 oz. or 4 oz. package.
  • "This is a lot like the recipe I got years ago from Taste of Home magazine. Instead of buttermilk, I use sweet milk, and I use coffee instead of boiling water. I'll try the buttermilk next time. Your recipe also has 1/2 tsp. more vanilla. I like to add extra vanilla to some recipes, but had not tried it with this one." Nora C.
  • "Your recipe is fabulous. I bake a lot and this is the best chocolate cake I have ever had. Just wanted to thank you for posting it." Cristina C.
    I just made your chocolate cake as a trial run before I made it for guests, and I must say that it is absolutely THE BEST chocolate cake I have ever had! I have been searching for the perfect chocolate cake recipe and this is definitely it! Thank you for sharing! Pat W. 11/18/07
  • Thank you, Thank you, Thank you
    My daughter's birthday is coming up and we decided to search for a great chocolate cake recipe. Let me just say, we have stopped the search. I have never tasted such a moist and delicious cake, and that says a lot. I have made it 3 times already and everyone LOVES it. The only thing I did different was added about 4-6 oz of whipped cream cheese to the icing to cut the sweetness just a bit. I can't even express how simple it is to make. I will never buy another pre-made cake again.

    Have you ever tried to make it as cupcakes?

    Anyway, thank you so much for posting this for all to see and I hope more people will try it.

    Angela H. 11/26/07
  • Made this as a birthday cake and it was great... really moist and a great color. Do you have a good yellow cake recipe? Charlotte 7/4/08
  • This really is the best chocolate cake recipe I've tried. I'll never make another dry chocolate cake! Thank you so much for posting it. I've already shared the recipe with my sister. I made two rounds and did have to cut the baking time. My family just raved about it. This should replace every chocolate cake recipe in the popular cookbooks. Sherri in PA 8/4/08
  • Hi my name is Bev and I live in Taumarunui NEW ZEALAND and loved the Cake... I reckon it's the buttermilk why it's so moist... Bev H., 9/22/08
  • Everyone I've baked this cake for, says it is to die for. They all love it.
    Do you have any other cake recipes like this? Please let me know. You are the greatest
    Thanks. Sharon 9/23/08
  • I tried your best moist chocolate cake recipe and it is better than boxed cake! Which for me is great because I cant buy American boxed cakes over here (Germany) anyway. I am sure that my family will get many years of enjoyment out of this recipe. Thank You. I was also wondering if you have another recipe for a white cake that is moist and delicious like this chocolate cake is. The key is that it needs to be moist. If you have any recipes, please send them my way. I also welcome any varieties of 'best' recipes that you may have. Thank You, Vattathara 11/6/08
  • I made your chocolate cake, the one bowl cake, it came out GREAT!!!! I was surprised to see how watery the batter was but put it in the oven any way and poof the moist, and wonderful cake came out. I made cream cheese icing as it was the request of the birthday girl. I am a cook not a baker so I was very pleased with the ease and taste. Thanks so much!